Guy Mahurin was born in Fort Wayne Indiana on August 14th, 1877 his parents were Melville B and Alice Mahurin. His father was a merchant and manufacturer, because of his job they moved to several cities including Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis. Guy graduated from Short Ridge High School in Indianapolis and proceeded to attend the University of Illinois to study architecture; His studies were interrupted for an opportunity to work as the Chief Draftsmen of the United States Bureau of Architecture in the Philippines Island.

Guy Mahurin married his wife Myrtle Walker on October 17th 1911 in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They would go on to have two children, Margaret Ann and Walker Melville. Their family formerly resided at 2537 Maple Place c. 1919, and then later 927 West Wood Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In 1903 went to the Philippines for two years. In 1904 he won the prize for best design concept at the World’s Fair in St. Louis for the Philippine building he exhibited. He received for the award a gold medal and a $1000 cash prize; his design had also been many Americans first exposure to the Philippines, since it was a newly acquired territory to the United States. While in the Philippines he designed and built in the capital Manila. When it was time to return home he went the long way around with 6 month journey in which he studied the architecture in Japan and then China. Guy then toured cities all over Europe to study its architecture. He then returned to the United State and worked for Wing & Mahurin, Marshall Mahurin was his uncle, he worked as a draftsmen.

In 1907 when the partnership of Wing & Mahurin dissolved, Guy and his uncle Marshall formed a new partnership of Mahurin & Mahurin. Both architecture firms were consider among the best in Fort Wayne Indiana in the early twentieth century. Mahurin & Mahurin was a short lived partnership and only lasted from 1907 until 1918 when the two ended their professional relationship, each moved forwarded as independent architects and engineering consultants. Marshall retained his former offices while Guy moved into his new offices at 519 Lincoln Life Building. He continued his own firm until his death though he did collaborations with other architects in later projects of his life. His work can be seen all over Northern Indiana.

Guy M. Mahurin was very active in public life during his life time. He had been a captain of Company C, of the Indiana National Guard from 1916-1917. He was also the Assistant Chief of Requisition Division of the United States Housing Corporations in Washington D.C. G. M. Mahurin helped raised funds for the YMCA in 1916 and in 1925 for the enlargement of the building project, and he did similar work for the YWCA. He also volunteered and raised funds for the Red Cross, The Catholic Community Carter Building fund, Day Nursery, Pixley Relief Home, and for local hospitals. A newspaper reported in December of 1919 of an incident involving Guy Mahurin in which he was assaulted by Edward Klump over a driving dispute of Klump not yielding to Mahurin which lead to Edward striking Mahurin. Charges against Klump consist of assault and battery. Mahurin was also a Captain in the Shriner organization, as well in 1934 elected the 2nd Vice President of Fort Wayne for the Indiana Society of Architects.

Guy M. Mahurin 1877-1941



Notable Structures Designed by Guy M. Mahurin

  1. Fort Wayne Scottish Rite Cathedral
  2. Scottish Rite Auditorium, Spanish Eclectic, 1928
  3. Summit City Soap Work’s Factory
  4. Fort Wayne City Market Way
  5. Sherman White & Co., Produce and Cold Storage Warehouse
  6. South Side Baptist
  7. Saint Patrick’s Fort Wayne.
  8. Fort Wayne Chambers of Commerce
  9. Adair Federal Building
  10. Plymouth Congregational Church
  11. Ft. Wayne Women’s club/Chamber of Commerce; Spanish Electic, 1928

Wing, Mahurin, & Mahurin as well as Mahurin & Mahurin

  1. Monroe County Courthouse, Courthouse Sq. West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN
  2. Muncie Public Library, 301 E. Jackson St. Muncie, IN
  3. Beech Grove Cemetery, 1400 W. Kilgore Ave. Muncie, IN
  4. Union City School, 310 N Walnut St Union City, IN
  5. St. Patrick’s Lyceum, 1909 Gothic Revival. 2120 S. Harrison St. Fort Wayne, IN

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