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Call for ARCHie Awards and Most Endangered List Nominees

Call for ARCHie Awards and Most Endangered List Nominees

“Give us your list of tired, your maintained poor,

Your muddled houses yearning to be free

Of the wretched renovations bought from a “big box” store.

Send these, and successes, deserving for all to see,

That we lift a toast to those who did restore.”

(Apologies to the Statue of Liberty and poet Emma Lazarus.)

The Preservation Committee needs your help – your nominations are needed!  Every year, ARCH celebrates hard work and successful projects in local historic preservation through the ARCHie Awards.  Awards are given to owners of outstanding single-family, multi-family, commercial, and institutional preservation efforts; creative adaptive reuses; and exceptional efforts of individuals.  Since 1992, ARCH has brought attention to important features of our shared streetscapes that should be saved through our Local Most Endangered List.

Send us the address of that great restoration you saw.  Tell us the name of that promising new face on the preservation scene.  Make sure we don’t miss recognizing that commercial renovation or sympathetic new addition in your neighborhood that you notice every time you drive to the store.

Likewise, send us your list of the historic treasures that are under threat from disuse, neglect, or demolition in Allen County.  We need the eyes and ears of ARCH members and fans to help us know everything that is changing!

Send your suggestions to ARCH via Jill McDevitt at, phone 426-5117, or mail 818 Lafayette Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 by March 6, 2015.

We would love to have many ARCH members and fans join us in the announcement of this year’s winners and Endangered List in May.  Please watch our website for more details.

–Steve McCord, Preservation Committee chair.