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The Lincoln Highway in Indiana

Indiana Lincoln Highway Byways Meeting ACPL May 26, 5:00 – 7:00

Running through the heart of Allen County and Fort Wayne, the Lincoln Highway was one of America’s first transcontinental routes.

The Indiana Lincoln Highway Association was awarded a Federal National Scenic Byways Grant for a comprehensive development plan for the Indiana Lincoln Highway Byway corridor for both alignments of the Lincoln Highway Byway in Indiana. The document will be completed by the end of 2015.

The corridor was named a state byway in October, 2012, and may be nominated for National Scenic Byway status. That program requires the development of fourteen specific criteria for the long-term management, preservation, and marketing of the corridor.

The format of the meetings will start with the welcoming of attendees and the purpose of the meeting. Then consultant team will provide information about the status of the project, the overall process of the project and the history of the Byway. The audience will then be broken into small groups for discussion regarding such items as elements/structures/signs that should be highlighted and preserved along the corridor, tourism opportunities, and signage. Each small group will report out to the larger group with their ideas.

Please come to this meeting to help determine the plan for the preservation and management of this historic route through Indiana.