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Historic Southwood Park Home & Garden Tour, Pre-Tour Lecture

Join ARCH at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 5310 Old Mill Road, at 6:00pm on Friday, June 26th for a free lecture presented by John Brinkmann, publisher of American Bungalow Magazine. American Bungalow is America’s premiere magazine for owners and admirers of Craftsman-style bungalow houses since 1990. Mr. Brinkmann will be speaking on small-house living and the importance of historic preservation, both of which are frequent topics in his publication. This lecture is a must-do for anyone interested in living in historic neighborhoods like Historic Southwood Park, but also for anyone that is intrigued by the elegance and simplicity of small-house living.

As a side note, if you have never been able to see the inside of this church, this alone is good reason to come. The church was designed by Humbrecht Associates using twin hyperbolic paraboloids, which make up the auditorium and religious meeting area. This mid-modern church was dedicated in 1960.

The lecture will be a great overview of what to expect when you tour Southwood Park Neighborhood homes, all owned by owners who are passionate about preserving their homes. ARCH is excited to start our tour weekend with this lecture and we hope you will come join us!

American Bungalow