Every year, ARCH acknowledges great preservation projects in Fort Wayne and Allen County. In total, eleven projects received ARCHie Awards and Commendations in 2016. Please help ARCH congratulate this year’s winners!

Single Family Rehabilitation Winner: Justin and Rachel Vedder, 2432 Hoagland Avenue

Single Family Rehabilitation Commendations: Catherine Wood, 2431 Hoagland Avenue; Ben and Tammy Wahli, 1206 W Jefferson Boulevard; Stephen and Shirley Oyer, 1122 W Wayne Street

Compatible New Construction Winner: Joan Smith and Leah Smith, 4206 South Wayne Avenue

Leonard G. Murphy Award for Outstanding Commercial Rehabilitation: Jim Todoran, 123-133 West Main Street

Commercial Rehabilitation Commendation: A2Z Real Estate Holdings, 1835 S Calhoun Street

Adaptive Reuse Winner: RCI Development, 203 E Berry Street (Anthony Wayne Building)

Adaptive Reuse Commendation: Old Oak Tree Real Estate LLC, 6214 Hoagland Road

Institutional Adaptive Reuse Winner: City of Fort Wayne, 2518 Winter Street (Engine House No. 9)

Institutional Rehabilitation Winner: Fort Wayne Community Schools, Irwin Elementary School


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ARCHie nominations are accepted year-round, so if you’ve seen a great preservation project, or if you have finished a great preservation project, nominate it here!