Centlivre House/ARCH Photo

Centlivre House/ARCH Photo

The heritage of the lovely Centlivre House, still standing on the property of one of Fort Wayne’s historic brewery families, will be part of Karen Richards’ April 17 lecture “Historic Homes of the Fort Wayne Rich and Famous.”

ARCH lectures explore

more than a century of new ways

to see this place we call home

ARCH’s 2021 Fun & Free Lecture Series offers its audience well more than a century of new ways to see this place we call home — all presented in a new way.

With the support of our friends at The History Center and due to ongoing COVID-19 health restrictions, in-person lectures will not be offered to the public this year. ARCH is using the same technology The History Center is using for its Mather Lecture Series and will livestream its lectures to everyone who requests a Zoom link in advance. In addition, the lectures will be recorded and made available on ARCH’s website. See below.

The series continues in April with popular lecturer and longtime ARCH leader Karen Richards presenting “Historic Homes of the Fort Wayne Rich and Famous.”

Completed lectures available as recordings:

  • “The Underground Railroad in Fort Wayne,” presented by Michael Galbraith. Find it here. Galbraith, former ARCH Executive Director and current board member, used to work in one of Fort Wayne’s Underground Railroad sites, the Alexander T. Rankin House, now ARCH’s office. His talk highlights the role played by Fort Wayne activists and sites. He pulls together scholarship and family recollections that keep the stories alive of the work of the abolitionists and the Underground Railroad that helped slaves to freedom.
  • “Understanding Modern House Styles,” presented by Connie Haas Zuber. Find it here. Zuber, ARCH’s Executive Director, takes on the challenge of learning how to talk about post-World War II house styles that are now becoming officially historic. It’s new vocabulary that has the potential to help us appreciate what’s worth saving about this new crop of our built heritage.

Upcoming topics are:

  • “Historic Homes of the Fort Wayne Rich and Famous,” presented by Karen Richards. 11 a.m. April 17. Richards, longtime ARCH board member and volunteer and one of our most popular lecturers, is applying her gift for a good story to a survey of historic and important homes that Fort Wayne’s leading families built and lived in through the years.
  • “Remembering the Flood of 1913,” presented by Karen Richards. 11 a.m. May 15. Richards looks at the impact, physical and human, of the city’s most damaging flood, revisiting the places affected.

Everyone interested in attending the lectures — virtually — is invited to send an email to archfortwayne@gmail.com asking for a link to the lecture you are interested in. Please send your request no later than 9 a.m. the day of the lecture. Zoom information will be sent out one hour before each lecture to the email you used to send in your request.

For more information, please contact the ARCH office, by email to archfortwayne@gmail.com or by phone (260) 426-5117.

ARCH’s community education programming is supported by funding from Arts United and the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne.

The lecture series is also made possible by the support of ARCH’s members. If you want to join in the good work of historic preservation, go to ARCH’s home page and click on the Become a Member button. Thank you!