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Pohlmeyer & Pohlmeyer

Pohlmeyer & Pohlmeyer

Fred Pohlmeyer (1885-1953)

Fort Wayne natives Fred W. Pohlmeyer (1885-1953) and Martin W. “Mox” Pohlmeyer (1896-1981) were sons of a local building contractor. Fred W. obtained his architectural training working in the offices of both Chicago and local architects. Younger brother Mox was a graduate of Carnegie Tech and gained experience working with noted East Coast architects. The pair designed homes, schools, and commercial buildings such as the Robert Hattersley House at 1925 Kensington Blvd., the Coony Bayer House at 1512 Forest Park Blvd., the Coca-Cola Bottling Works at 1631 E. Pontiac Street, and John S. Irwin School at 3501 S. Anthony Blvd.

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Notable Structures Designed by Pohlmeyer & Pohlmeyer

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