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Built Heritage ABCs

Built Heritage ABCs

ARCH Inc. presents its Built Heritage ABCs for children of all ages to enjoy and learn from.

We hope our hometown ABCs will be a good electronic book to share while you learn about the wonderful, rich, beautiful variety of buildings and places in our home, its cities, towns and countryside. We hope you are inspired to plan a quick trip to see some of these places for yourselves. You can at least drive by all of them, and some are open to the public.

Architecture, you realize, is the art we all live in. All the time! So we hope this abcedary (that’s the word for a book like this!) will give you some new words to talk about the art you live in, and some new ways to look at the different architectural building blocks that the designers, engineers and builders put together to make the different buildings and places in our hometown and region. We even added some history to the book because when something was designed and built turns out to matter a lot. There are style trends in architecture as well as T shirts and sneakers! And we thought you might enjoy exploring on your own to learn more about the architects and the people who hired the architects to create the buildings for them.

This project was published in August 2020 so it could be a part of Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne’s Taste of the Arts NIPSCO STEAM Park program for children and families, but it was envisioned all along as a book that would remain available on ARCH’s website. You never know when people might want to sit down and share a good book about the place where they live!

Ok, that’s all the information you need. Just click the link below and enjoy ARCH’s Built Heritage ABCs.

Explore ARCH’s Built Heritage ABCs

You’ll be able to recite the alphabet with a whole new depth of meaning after reading this ABC book. And you’ll see places that remind you of what you’ll see in it all over Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, which are rich with fascinating examples of our shared built heritage. Share it with friends of every age and learn alongside the children you introduce to it. Look at the pictures, read the text and go out and look at the real places that await your visit. 

ARCH thanks the project sponsors who made this special book possible: James E. Geyer and Power Components Corporation and The Gene and Alice Donnelly Family Fund. 

Built Heritage ABCs

The ABCs are your guide on a trip through the built heritage of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, introducing the rich variety of architectural styles, the many architects and the fascinating stories of the people who built and loved these buildings.