ARCH celebrates, protects and preserves architecture and community heritage in Allen County and Northeast Indiana.

— ARCH Inc. mission statement, most recently affirmed in its Strategic Plan

ARCH Inc. Strategic Plan

For more than 40 years, ARCH Inc. has advocated for the protection and preservation of historically significant buildings, structures, landscapes and cultural heritages in Allen County and Northeast Indiana.

We know that historic buildings and places connect us to our community’s tangible past in ways that we cannot replicate. Cultural landmarks enhance our lives socially, culturally and economically. Today, businesses and homeowners are rediscovering and reinvesting in historic buildings, neighborhoods and commercial villages because this is where we want to work, live and play. ARCH’s advocacy is beneficial and necessary to ensure that these architectural and cultural assets accurately reflect our legacy and remain accessibly for future generations to appreciate.

From January 2018 through March 2019, the Board of Directors of ARCH Inc. participated in a planning process to affirm our mission, evaluate our current state and explore how we can most positively impact the communities that we serve. The following goals and strategic work priorities were established to guide activities and support ongoing initiatives.

Mission and Vision

Mission statement
ARCH celebrates, protects, and preserves architecture and community heritage in Allen County and Northeast Indiana.

ARCH is the recognized leader working collaboratively with communities in the region to save and revitalize our historic places.


ARCH Inc. has long focused on six goal areas as it works to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. ARCH remains committed to these goal areas and pursues them still with this strategic plan. They are our guide to program excellence and to success as an organization.

Our goal areas are:

  • Advocacy
  • Community education
  • Documentation/research
  • Restoration/preservation
  • Financial sustainability
  • Organizational longevity

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