Address: 215 East Berry Street
Built: c. 1893
Architect: Wing & Mahurin
Style: Beaux-Arts
Current owner: Robert S. Walters Barrett & McNagny Law Firm

Distinctive features:

  • Elaborate stone carvings on the front façade: egg & dart and ocean wave patterns, garlands, Elektron sign
  • Different window shapes: rectangular, rounded, segmental arched
  • Stone ballustrade along the parapet wall

Reasons to cherish this place:

The Elektron Building was home to two of Fort Wayne’s major companies, both of whom moved on to other better-known locations, and its name is a nod to the first of them, chosen by the owner of that company.

It first was home to The Jenney Electric Light and Power Co. that later became General Electric, and later to Lincoln Life Insurance. The building also served as the Allen County Courthouse until the new courthouse was built and was the Allen County Public Library’s first facility.

Today, the Barrett & McNagny Law Firm occupies the building.