Address: 734 East State Boulevard
Built: c. 1910
Architect: unknown, but suspect Joel Ninde/Wildwood Builders
Current owner: Private
Style: Colonial Revival/Craftsman

Distinctive features:

  • Shed roof dormers
  • Wide, overhanging eaves
  • Pedimented portico main entrance door flanked by multi-paned side-
    lights and topped with a fanlight

Reasons to cherish this place:

We like to point to this house as the place where the man who “invented television” lived, but it has a lot more to its story than that.

The house’s first resident, Daniel B. Ninde, was the attorney for the incorporation of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Lincoln), now Lincoln Financial Group. Ninde was also associated with The Wildwood Builders Company, a residential development and home building company based in Fort Wayne, and publishers of The Wildwood Magazine, a nationally known publication that reported on architecture, city planning, and interior design.

Beginning in 1913, Franklin B. Mead and his wife Georgiana (Waters) Mead lived here. Mead also was associated with Lincoln. Also, in his spare time, he cultivated nationally recognized iris collections and
originated the “Hyperion” daylily hybrid that is still popular today.

Philo Farnsworth, who invented all-electronic television and various other technologies and located Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation in Fort Wayne, lived here from 1948 to 1967.