Address: 223 West Jefferson Boulevard (demolished)
Built: c. 1938
Architect: William S. Arrasmith
Style: Art Moderne, Streamline
Now in that location: Parkview Field

Distinctive features:

  • Horizontal emphasis with an aerodynamic feel, using dark blue banding and sections of glass block windows
  • Greyhound Bus Company’s signature blue color
  • Architect William S. Arrasmith used this same blue carerra glass for many of his bus station designs

Reasons to cherish this place:

Fort Wayne lost this architectural treasure in 1992. Years later, this property became part of Parkview Field.

Not only was it an outstanding example of Art Moderne style that added to the rich collection of architectural styles downtown, but it also had a great neon sign with a running Greyhound at its top.

It was an iconic blue Greyhound Bus building. Other Greyhound Bus stations have been preserved and restored such as the one in Evansville, which has found new life as a restaurant.