Address: 2701 Coliseum Boulevard North
Built: c. 1923
Architect: Albert Kahn/Day & Zimmerman
Style: 20th Century Industrial
Current owner: Private

Distinctive features:

  • Large terra cotta archways on bottom
  • Brackets along limestone stringcourse
  • Pyramidal roof
  • Arched windows near the top

Reasons to cherish this place:

Still an impressive landmark on Fort Wayne’s East End, the International Harvester Tower long was the destination for thousands of the truck manufacturer’s employees among the other thousands working in the other manufacturing companies of the busy East End.

International Harvester was one of the largest employers in Fort Wayne. When the company, by then known as Navistar, moved operations in the early 1980s to Springfield, Ohio, it was a big economic hit to the city.

The International Harvester Industrial Complex, the East End Historic District, is now under new ownership and home to smaller businesses, still contributing to the city’s economy.