Address: 701 South Clinton Street
Built: c. 1871, Remodeled in 1927-1928
Architect: Charles Weatherhogg
Style: Chicago Style
Current owner: Jerry Henry

Distinctive features:

  • Symmetrical, horizontal emphasis
  • Herringbone brick sections below fourth story windows
  • Limestone decorative shield and diamond elements
  • Semicircular windows on fourth story
  • Parapet wall with decorative brick and stone elements, Journal Gazette carved in stone
  • Copper canopy over entrance and below second story windowsills

Reasons to cherish this place:

Here is a good opportunity to think about how buildings and places work together to create how we feel when we are there.

The Journal Gazette building is a distinct and strong visual anchor across from the open green space of the Allen County Courthouse

The building is an important part of the history of Fort Wayne journalism and is a hallmark of the designs of regional architect, Charles Weatherhogg.