Address: 116 East Berry Street
Built: c. 1930
Architect: A.M. Strauss/Walker & Weeks of Cleveland, Ohio
Style: Art Deco
Current owner: Tippman Group

Distinctive features:

  • Stepped massing
  • Decorative elements like chevrons and zigzags convey tempo and movement, which are characteristics of Art Deco and the Jazz Age
  • Interior murals
  • Original tellers cages
  • 22 stories high, 312 feet tall

Reasons to cherish this place:

Lincoln Bank Tower was the tallest building in Indiana until the 1970s.

Its construction began in 1929 as the New York Stock Exchange crashed in the United States, but the Great
Depression did not stop its construction or opening in 1930. Meant to be a miniature of the Tribune Tower
in Chicago, it is one of Alvin Strauss’ most recognizable buildings. The building is an outstanding example of Art Deco and was Fort Wayne’s first skyscraper. Walker & Weeks were well known architects that specialized in designing bank buildings. An original soda fountain on the first floor faces Berry Street. The building has more
than 130,000 square feet of space.