Address: 475 East State Boulevard
Built: c. 1927
Architect: Charles Weatherhogg
Style: Neoclassical
Current owner: Fort Wayne Community Schools

Distinctive features:

  • Central rotunda
  • Historic gym
  • Large pediment with Ionic columns

Reasons to cherish this place:

With its big dome all but floating above its columned front entry, North Side High School tells the world it does important work at its very visible location on the bank of the St. Joseph River.

That’s the effect of its Neoclassical style. And the tens of thousands of graduates who have gone on to all sorts of lives (including at least one mayor!) are its contribution to our world.

North Side was one of the first high schools built after Central High School as the city began to outgrow its original downtown boundaries. South Side was another one built about the same time as North Side.