Address: 1808 Bluffton Road, for The Clyde
Built: c.1949
Architect: Alvin M. Strauss
Style: Art Moderne/Streamline
Current owner: Private

Distinctive features:

  • Newly-restored blade sign for The Clyde
  • Sleek horizontal building with curvilinear, fluted parapet wall
  • Early example of suburban theater & strip mall

Reasons to cherish this place:

Have you seen any of the cartoons about the Jetsons family? This building (especially The Clyde) could appear in them and look just right. The theater and surrounding retail stores were the brainchild of local
theater magnate, Clyde Quimby. He owned theaters downtown, and this location was his first foray into the suburbs. Architect A.M. Strauss had been the architect for the Embassy and the Paramount theaters downtown. The complex is experiencing a renaissance. The Clyde, originally a movie theater, was recently renovated as a concert and event venue, and new restaurants have opened. Its lobby is still very Jetsons.