Address: 400 West 7th Street, North Manchester
Built: c. 1937
Architect: Charles Weatherhogg
Style: Tudor Revival/Art Deco
Current owner: Peabody Retirement Community

Distinctive features:

  • Unique example of funerary architecture. A mausoleum is located in its cube-shaped base
  • Carvings of birds and foliage in the metal grill work near the top of the tower
  • Octagon shape

Reasons to cherish this place:

Inspired by a carillon “singing tower” built in Florida by another philanthropist, the Peabody Memorial Tower sings electronically every day via its public address system.

The tower is part of a retirement community that James B. Peabody commissioned, when his wife, Estelle, died in 1928. This facility and the tower honor the philanthropic efforts of the Peabody family in North Manchester. Its notable architect, Charles Weatherhogg, died the same year the tower was completed.

The grounds around the tower are landscaped with benches for anyone who wants a quiet place to reflect.