Address: 5310 Old Mill Road
Built: c. 1959 with 1990s addition
Architect: Kenneth Cole/Humbrecht Associates
Style: Modern
Current owner: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne

Distinctive features:

  • Hyperbolic paraboloid roof
  • Loose mosaic patterned stained glass in sanctuary windows
  • Sharp angles of walls

Reasons to cherish this place:

There isn’t another building like this in Fort Wayne.

Because of the design, it appears that the building is about to take flight with the butterfly wings of the hyperbolic paraboloid roof of the original part of its structure. This building is a good example of
architecture intending to match the spirit of the use of the building. The congregation added classroom and office space on the north side in the 1990s in a place chosen to interfere as little as possible with the soaring design of the original building.

Plus — it’s cool to use the words, hyperbolic paraboloid!