Address: 13501 Redding Road
Built: c. 1839
Architect: Unknown
Style: Federal
Current owner: Private

Distinctive features:

  • Portico with pediment, entablature & frieze on north side of inn
  • Board & batten sided barn
  • Horizontal emphasis, because of east and west wings
  • Ditch across the road shows where Wabash-Erie Canal ran

Reasons to cherish this place:

Jesse Vermilyea opened his home in the early 1800s as a tavern and inn along the then-new Wabash-Erie Canal, which followed the ancient canoe portage route that linked the Maumee and Wabash river basins.

He was the first postmaster and operated the first store/trading post in Aboite Township. The inn served canal travelers until the railroad
lines were built to the south and the canal was abandoned. In 1901 an interurban railroad passed the inn.

It’s a private home today with an impressive entrance built about 70 years ago on the north side of the house, complete with pillars and pediment, that did not exist in the canal era, when the house faced south.