Address: Wells Street at the St. Marys River
Built: c. 1884
Architect: Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Style: Whipple Through Truss Bridge
Current owner: Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation/City of Fort Wayne

Distinctive features:

  • Decorative latticework and brackets with a quatrefoil motif at endposts
  • It’s called a through-truss bridge because you drive or walk through the bridge
  • Red rectangular and round nameplates with diamond-shaped cutouts in a decorative pattern

Reasons to cherish this place:

The Wells Street Bridge is one of the crowning jewels of the newly opened Promenade Park, and it’s a fun place where you can walk and sit (safely!) in what used to be a busy street.

It comes from a time when structures that had to be strong and safe were also made beautiful. It is unusual to have a bridge with the Whipple truss type. This bridge is the last through-truss bridge left in downtown Fort Wayne.

The bridge is a popular place for photography and weddings, and it has a great vista of downtown.