Address: 803 Walnut Street at Fox Avenue
Built: c.1850
Architect: Unknown
Style: Greek Revival
Current owner: Private

Distinctive features:

  • Long narrow windows with stone lintels
  • Double door entry with transom window above
  • Wide cornice around the perimeter of the house

Reasons to cherish this place:

Fox Avenue is named after the Fox family, and it reminds us of how a family’s presence can live on not only in buildings but in street names, too.

George Fox immigrated from Germany and was an entrepreneur. He operated an ice cream stand and restaurant on Main Street between Calhoun and Clinton Streets. He also served as a city councilman.

George’s son, Louis, owned the house after him and continued in the family line of work, owning a successful bakery that he sold to National Biscuit Company and going on to other successful business endeavors.

His brothers had continued their father’s restaurant and commercial gardens. The house is said by some of its later residents to be haunted.