Address: 1404 Swinney Court
Built: c.1914
Architect: Joel Roberts Ninde
Style: Colonial Revival
Current owner: Private

Distinctive features:

  • Third floor dormers
  • Symmetrical plan with fireplaces at each gable end
  • Pedimented front entry with Ionic columns
  • Colonial door with sidelights and fan-shaped window above the door

Reasons to cherish this place:

This house was designed by Fort Wayne’s first female architect, the pioneering Joel Roberts Ninde, who worked as a team with Grace Crosby, a trained draftsperson.

Her houses were built to contrast with fussy, dark Victorian homes that practically required staff to maintain them, and she used her designs to simplify the tasks of taking care of the house. She called her house design concept the “House of Convenience.”

The house is an important part of the streetscape and vista on West Jefferson Boulevard. It helps set the tone for the historic West Central Neighborhood.