Address: 3500 North Anthony Boulevard
Built: c. 1947
Architect: Unknown
Style: Mid-Century Sports Facility with Streamline detail
Current owner: Concordia Lutheran High School

Distinctive features:

  • A large piston on each side of the press box
  • Red & white striped press box
  • Large “Z” in Fred Zollner sign at entrance

Reasons to cherish this place:

The stadium represents the heritage of the Zollner family and the importance of sports in Fort Wayne. It is the outdoor stage on which a lot of local sports history has happened.

The world-champion Zollner Piston softball team played on the field. The Zollner Corporation manufactured pistons for cars, trucks and locomotives here until the early 2000s. The company was also the sponsor of the Zollner Pistons professional basketball team that became the Detroit Pistons, and company founder Fred Zollner is one
of the founders of the National Basketball Association, with important negotiations happening around his Fort Wayne kitchen table.

Concordia Lutheran High School converted the field into a football field in 1962 after Lutheran Education Properties purchased the stadium in 1958. The old stadium was demolished and a new stadium, the Fred Zollner Athletic Complex, was dedicated in 2003.