Audio: “Journal Gazette Building” featuring Tom Castaldi. Courtesy of WBNI-Fort Wayne.

The Journal was founded by Thomas Taylor and Samuel Hanna in 1868 and absorbed the Gazette in 1899. They founded the Journal as a Republican paper, whereas the Sentinel was a Democratic paper. The Journal Gazette was published by Edward G. Hoffman and Lew Ellingham in 1916.

A change in local newspaper publication occured in 1950, resulting in the creation of Fort Wayne Newspaper Inc. for the unified production of both evening and morning newspapers. The printing plant for the Journal Gazette was in the News-Sentinel Building that was built in 1926 on Washington Boulevard and Barr Street. This building later became the Foellinger Center for United Community Services. The Journal-Gazette building was located at the southwest corner of Clinton and Main streets.

On July 26, 1956, ground was broken at 600 W. Main St. for a new building for the publishing of the Fort Wayne Newspapers.

Photos courtesy of ARCH Inc.


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