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John M. E. Riedel was born on December 2, 1865, in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents were John and Margaret Riedel, his father was a teacher which led to the family to move to Fort Wayne. His father was employed by St. Paul Lutheran School and he was a teacher for 47 years before his death in 1916. John married his wife Miss Helen M. Achard and they had a son named Carls R. Riedel.

John M. E. Riedel was a diligent and hardworking student throughout his early life, attributes which were ingrained upon him by his father. John eventually attended Concordia College for his higher education. After graduating from college, he began an apprenticeship with the architecture firm of T.S. Tolan & Sons of Fort Wayne. He worked there for three years and focused relentlessly on grasping the science and art of architecture. After his tenure with Tolan & Sons, he moved on to the firm of H.W. Matson for another three and half years to master his skills before he set off to start his own firm. His hard work and fortitude in his professionalism allowed him to establish his own firm in January 2nd, 1889. His unqualified success and his skilled abilities led him to design and supervise many public and private buildings in Fort Wayne Indiana. He died in 1949 and was buried in Concordia Lutheran Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

John M. E. Riedel 1865-1949


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Notable Structures Designed by John M. E. Riedel

  1. The Trinity Lutheran Church edifice
  2. H.A. Duemling Clinic Bldg, South Wayne and Wildwood Ave, Fort Wayne, IN; c. 1920
  3. Centlivre Hotel-demolished
  4. Lyric Theatre-demolished
  5. 1014 S. Calhoun Street. Fort Wayne, IN 46802
  6. Strand Theatre-demolished Also known as the Empress Theatre served as a movie theater until 1926
  7. A. L. & Irene Riegel House, 620 Main St. Fort Wayne, IN; c. 1904
  8. St. Paul Lutheran School, 1225 S. Barr St, Fort Wayne, IN; c.1913
  9. Concordia Evangelical Lutheran School, 1820 Alliger St. Fort Wayne, IN
  10. Harry A. Keplinger House, 235 W. Creighton Ave, Fort Wayne, IN;  c. 1893

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