For well over a year, ARCH and the Southwood Park Neighborhood Association have been working on our upcoming tour.  To be held June 27th, the tour features 12 fantastic homes and we can’t wait to see everyone next Saturday.  We have only a few remaining small worries heading into the tour, including the all too pertinent questions of when will this rain ever stop and will Foster “Lake,” occupying what was formerly known as Foster Park, recede enough get rid of any road detours.  Forecasts call for a lessening of the chances for rain, with tour day currently predicted to be 81 degrees and sunny.

One of the stars of the tour was to be the magnificent McMillen Mansion, highlighting the extensive remodeling done by the new owners.  Unfortunately the owners have had to remove the house from the tour due to a family health emergency.   Along with all of the tour-goers, we know that ARCH and Southwood Park wish the speediest of recoveries for the family.