2016 ARCHie Awards

Every year, ARCH acknowledges great preservation projects in Fort Wayne and Allen County. In total, eleven projects received ARCHie Awards and Commendations in 2016. Please help ARCH congratulate this year's winners! Single Family Rehabilitation Winner: Justin and Rachel Vedder, 2432 Hoagland Avenue Single Family Rehabilitation Commendations: Catherine Wood, 2431 Hoagland Avenue; Ben and Tammy Wahli, [...]

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GE Broadway Campus Public Meetings

For months members of the General Electric Campus Coalition have met to discuss the future of the General Electric Broadway Campus. This group of local leaders, citizens, GE retirees and organizations like ARCH have met over twenty times to talk about the future of the campus, possible reuse opportunities and the impact this type of project [...]

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Call for 2016 ARCHie Award Nominations

ARCH is accepting nominations for this year's ARCHie Awards and Endangered List! Have you seen a great preservation project in Fort Wayne lately? If so, nominate it for an ARCHie! Since 1977, ARCH has annually recognized great historic preservation projects throughout Fort Wayne and Allen County. Projects on residential, commercial and institutional buildings that have [...]

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ARCH’s 2015 Candidate Survey

For the first time, ARCH's Preservation Committee has created a Candidate Survey that was sent to all Fort Wayne City Council and Mayoral candidates. ARCH wants to provide its members and friends with the opportunity to see what candidates for public office in Fort Wayne think about Historic Preservation. ARCH thanks [...]

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Where the “Creatives” live…

Our friend Dan Swartz at the Wunderkammer Company has been doing some interesting work on a "Creative Census" measuring the attitudes, likes, habits, and locations of those involved in the creative industries here in northeast Indiana.  Recently he shared a Google map indicating where the creative class lives in northeast Indiana.  His results show that [...]

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