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1014-1016 Broadway

1014-1016 Broadway


In 2010 ARCH purchased two c.1890 Italianate commercial buildings at 1014 and 1016 Broadway it had been placing on its Endangered List since 2006. They were in very bad shape, but historic preservation techniques brought them back to life. ARCH restored 1016 to shell status and sold it to its current owner, who completed its restoration and was honored with an ARCHie Award. ARCH still owns 1014 Broadway. That restoration was completed in 2014, with a downstairs commercial space, now the home of Sassie Cakes, a bespoke bakery, and two apartments upstairs.

1000 block of Broadway
Built in 1890

Situated between Jefferson Blvd. and Washington Blvd. sit a row of c. 1890 commercial buildings. In 2010, ARCH purchased the two Italianate buildings on the south end of this corridor.  At the time of acquisition, both buildings were in serious trouble: the roofs had failed, water was streaming down the rear brick wall and Neighborhood Code Enforcement was issuing fines and Orders to Repair. The buildings had solidly been on our Endangered List since 2006.

1016 Broadway, the historic Canton Laundry building, was restored to shell condition by ARCH. In Summer 2016, ARCH sold the building to Julie Wall with Hedgehog Press. Julie completed an outstanding live-work rehabilitation of the property and was awarded an ARCHie Commendation for Commercial Rehabilitation in 2017.

Rehabilitation of neighboring 1014 Broadway was completed in 2017 and remains an ARCH property.  After many months of work, the building now hosts large commercial space on the first floor and two studio apartments with all the modern amenities on the second floor. Interest in living and working in downtown Fort Wayne is booming, and we had no trouble finding great tenants for the building. We would especially like to welcome our new commercial tenant, Sassie Cakes, to downtown Fort Wayne!

All of this work couldn’t have been done without some important partners who deserve our thanks!

An immensely supportive anony­mous individual donor, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (especially Chris Walda), Kurt Stark and the guys at Preston Allen Homes who did the work, Jim and Bo Geyer, Matt Reibs and all of the volunteers who volunteered with clean-out, Aliza Tourkow and the City of Fort Wayne Redevelopment Department, and the State of Indiana’s Histor­ic Preservation Fund.

Before Construction

After Construction