Our friend Dan Swartz at the Wunderkammer Company has been doing some interesting work on a “Creative Census” measuring the attitudes, likes, habits, and locations of those involved in the creative industries here in northeast Indiana.  Recently he shared a Google map indicating where the creative class lives in northeast Indiana.  His results show that in all of northeast Indiana some 42%of those “Creatives” live in only three zip codes; 46802, 46805 and 46807.  At ARCH we have a huge concentration of members in those same three zip codes, so we took the time to map out very roughly where the historic districts are in those three zip codes, overlaying the boundaries on top of Wunderkammer’s Google map.  Not surprisingly there is a huge overlap of where the “Creatives” live and where the historic districts are. If we were to make a Venn diagram of this, that whole overlap section in the middle of the two circles would be gigantic!!  It’s what we’ve always argued to be true, but it sure is nice to see some concrete data.  The white boxes represent listed or eligible to be listed historic districts, while the green boxes are those that are “not quite ripe”; districts that will become historic as time marches on.  So what does this mean?  Certainly that the intersection of historic districts and the creative class is worthy of some more research and data crunching, and probably that if you want to increase the “Creative” sector in NE Indiana, paying attention to the historic districts may really pay off.